----Introspection embodied---- (flexiblesvensk) wrote in lotr_freaks,
----Introspection embodied----

*first member dance* ;)
Seriously, I'm happy to be here.

First of all, I wanted to say "awesome job," and thank you to Jen for starting this community! I'm a huge LOTR fan, too. I loved the books, and now I love the movies. I hope to post here a bit and will always be willing to discuss LOTR things with anyone. =)

Note: Also, if you need LOTR icons, I'll help anyone out. Although my schedule is too crazy right now, when it settles down, I love making them. Customs or whatever. You can reach me here or at my lj!

Anyway, though I have the utmost respect for ROTK, I found this link when I was searching for Pirates of Caribbean stuff (haha at the puppet orlando bloom) and thought this was kind of amusing:

If that makes you giggle, there's also: http://www.jerrythefrogproductions.com/TwoTowers.html and http://www.jerrythefrogproductions.com/FellowshipOfTheRing.html

heh, well that's all for now, I really just wanted to say hi to everyone and express my happiness that this place exists!

lots of love,
Audrey Elaine
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hehehehe that was funnie. I like the nazgul king, about how he has the sharp helmet scariness. tee hee. More ppl should join my community, methinks. but how does one advertise a community?

hmmmm, well a lot of times communities with similar interests become "sister communities," where they link to each other and share members and stuff, which is a good way to get more people. Also, advertising in your journal is good. ;)

Another thing you could do, since you're making icons now, is to put a few teasers up in various communities and link back to this one, so people would come here and see it's really nice. :)

Those are just a few ideas, though.

LOTs of luv,
how do i do that? (link bak 2 the community)
Just whenever you're posting your icons in another community, mention your community and include this link:

which html-wise is the link (http://www.livejournal.com/community/lotr_freaks/) inserted into here:

oops, it went to code! *laughs* should I email you? I'll try again.